Robert Owen Community Banking Fund Ltd.

Renewable Energy installations

Want to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce energy costs, even make money?
Robert Owen Community Banking Fund Ltd (ROCBF) in partnership with Powys County Council and Powys Credit Unions may be able to help. Subject to certain eligibility conditions a Zero Interest Loan may be available to help with the purchase and installation of Solar Panels, Solar Warming, Insulation, Biomass Boilers, Heat Pumps and several other forms of renewable energy devices and energy saving schemes.

Home Improvement Loans

Rotten draughty windows or doors; roof leaking; poor insulation?
A similar scheme with Robert Owen Community Banking Fund Ltd (ROCBF) may be able to help with a reduced or Zero Interest Loan for these and other home improvements.

ROCBF can also help with business start-ups.

For full information on the help available from ROCBF go to the link below.  
ROCBF web site

Need more than you can get there?

Loans from ROCBF are not credit union loans but as issued under the Consumer Credit Act (CCA).
If the ROCBF loan does not cover all your needs you may wish to seek additional funds from a credit union loan. This will require a separate application and approval.