LWWT Money Advice Clinic

Red Kite Credit Union is pleased to support Llandrindod Wells Working Together and their local community partners in setting up their new Money Advice Clinic for residents in Llandrindod and Howey.

The clinic is available now and will operate for three months until End July 2020 and because of COVID restrictions will initially be only by phone.

As and when these restrictions are eased it may be possible to provide face to face consultations but in the meantime Sorcha of "Moneysaviour" will give free one-to-one advice, by phone, to anyone who wants help managing their budget or who needs advice on applying for benefite or wants help with other financial problems.

You can contact Moneysaviour to request a phone meeting with Sorcha by calling or texting 07969 164 283 or by email to info@moneysaviour.org.uk. Please include Llandrindod Money Advice Clinic in the Subject and include your name and address and contact details in the message.

You can also be referred by the credit union by calling 01982 824000 (answer phone available), by using the contact form on our web site www.redkitecreditunion.co.uk or by email to info@redkitecreditunion.co.uk. Please always supply the above information

You can also download a leaflet here giving additional information about the clinic.

Depending on your device and local settings this PDF may be shown or you may have to check your Downloads folder and open in the free Abode Reader. Also available on Downloads pege.