How to join Red Kite Savings and Loans

Individual members

An Individual, i.e., a person, is eligible to join Red Kite Savings and Loans (Undeb Credyd y Varcud Coch Cyf.) if they live in the County of Powys or have a place of employment in the County.

An application form is available on the Downloads page or from any service point.

As for any bank or building society the individual needs to provide a proof of identity and a proof of address before they can be accepted for membership. Acceptable forms of identification can be found in a downloadable document on the Downloads page. This is a legal requirement. If you cannot provide any of the documents specified there, please consult the credit union.

A joining fee of £2.00 is payable on joining and a minimum deposit of £1 is also payable to buy at least one share in the credit union and so become a part owner. If you will be paying by standing order (form available on the Downloads page), these monies can be deducted from the first payment but the membership will not be validated until the first payment is received.

Joint accounts

Joint accounts are available and can be opened by two or more Individual Members of the credit union, who become joint owners of the account, but remain individual members. There is no separate application form for a joint account and a service point should be contacted by all the prospective owner members with the request to open a joint account. Joining fee and annual adminstration fee are applicable to the joint account as well as to the individual accounts.

Corporate membership

Since 2012 some credit unions have been able to accept Corporate members and Red Kite Savings and Loans has three categories of corporate membership.

  • Incorporated companies
  • Incoporated or unincorporated Partnerships
  • Unincororpated organisations

The third category includes a variety of types of unincorprated organisation. The details are quite complex and not given here. If you feel your organisation could be eligible in one of these categories, please make inquiry at a service point or use the non-member contact form on this page.

If further discussion with you indicates that corporate membership would be both useful for your orgsansation and appropriate for the credit union we will ask you to complete an application form appropiate to the category and supply documentation again as appropriate to the category.