What are Cookies?

No, we are not concerned here about those sneaky crunchy things that destroy your waistline! Enjoy those if you cannot resist them. Might concern your medical advisor!

On the Internet, Cookies are small items of information that may be placed on your computer as a result of using or even just visiting a web site. They can contain information about you and your internet history.

A cookie can be placed for a useful purpose such as maintaining a relationship with a useful site to assist in future logging on, but can also by placed for a malicious purpose such as raising advertisements that may annoy you, or even worse.

Your internet browser should provide a means of inhibiting the placing of cookies and of removing any that have been placed.

This site will not place any Cookies on your system as a result of general browsing of the pages of the site. No record of your visit is kept anywhere else.

This applies also to use of the Member or Non-member enquiry forms available on this site. No cookie will be placed on your system by such use but the information supplied on the form may be kept in our internal computer systems if it relates to membership or future membership of the credit union.

Such information will be held in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations and used solely for  purposes related to membership or future membership of the credit union. You can see our Privacy Policy here

A member log-on facility is likely to be provided in due course and such facility will offer to place a cookie on your system for the purpose of facilitating future access to the member area. The cookie will not contain information about your credit union accounts.