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This is the Non-member preliminary loan application form for Red Kite Savings and Loans

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Under GDPR we must get from you, as a non-member of the credit union,
explicit consent to use and retain personal information you supply in this form.
We cannot assume your consent from your use of this form.

To give explicit consent please click on the checkbox at the top of the form.

You can read our Privacy Policy here

If you are already a member of Red Kite Savings and Loans please use this form to avoid this complication and speed-up your loan application.

By Credit Union Law and our Rules the credit union can give a loan advance only to a member. so alhough you can submit this preliminary loan application you must also submit a membership application with the legally required identity verification documents. You can find the membership application form here or go separately to the Resources Downloads page.

The more information you supply in this form the more quickly the credit union will be able to process your membership application and your loan enquiry. Although this form can be taken as a preliminary membership enquiry, further information and identity documentation is needed to complete the application to join the credit union and advance your loan application.
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Red Kite CU Non-member preliminary loan application form

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